The Waller Fast TrackTM Bundle includes everything you need to launch your company in less time than you could get any one of the component services through a more traditional firm. With the Fast Track Bundle, you will be assured that all of the important legal issues involving your new business are covered so that you’re free to focus on the important part of your new business – growing it.

The Waller Fast TrackTM Bundle includes:

Provisional Patent Application filed
Patent Assignment prepared and recorded
Trademark application prepared and filed
One Way and Two Way Non-disclosure Agreements One Way and Two Way Non-disclosure Agreements
Creative Services Vendor Agreement
Full Time and Part Time Employment agreements prepared
Business Entity Registered with SOS
Business Entity operational documents prepared
Employer Identification Number Acquired
Independent contractor Agreement



Waller has a long history of forming and assisting businesses. Through that history, we have come to know which services that all businesses request within their first year of operations. The Fast Track Bundle includes all of those services. By requesting all of those services at once and providing all of the necessary information up front, the Fast Track Program enables great efficiencies in legal services. We pass those efficiencies on to you. The total amount of the Fast Track Bundle is $6900 including up to $935 in government filing fees, and you will not be billed separately for reporting filing receipts and similar communications.