Choosing the right business entity and structuring the entity properly is crucial to attracting investors, raising capital, and ultimately, building a successful business. We will help you determine the proper business entity for your business depending on your unique circumstances, prepare the necessary documentation, and file the appropriate paperwork to form your entity and request an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for your company. We will also provide you with up to five customized employment agreements, an independent contractor agreement, a one-way nondisclosure agreement, and a mutual nondisclosure agreement, and connect you with banking and accounting service providers to ensure that your financial records are in order for tax reporting, audits, end-of-year bookkeeping, and future capital raises.

Services include:

One Way and Two Way Non-disclosure Agreements One Way and Two Way Non-disclosure Agreements
Creative Services Vendor Agreement
Full Time and Part Time Employment agreements prepared
Business Entity Registered with SOS
Business Entity operational documents prepared
Employer Identification Number Acquired
Independent contractor Agreement